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Badger/Red Squirrel One2One

Badger/Red Squirrel: There are two sites we have the opportunity to carry out one2one Badger sessions at. Both are situated in Dumfrieshire just over the Border  - one at Lockerbie and one at Kirkudbright. The day at Kirkudbright could be run to incorporate Sparrowhawk in the morning, Kingfisher in the afternoon and then Badger in early evening.


In terms of equipment for Kirkudbright that you require for the Badgers I would recommend a zoom lens if you have one - as the badgers can come very close maybe a 70-200 or even a 200-500, and a long lens for those distant shots or close up shots portrait  - maybe a 300mm with 1.4TC or a 500mm lens. Information regarding the Sparra and Kingy equipment can be found elsewhere on the one2one page…


At Lockerbie I would recommend a zoom lens maybe 200-400 or 200-500mm or a 300mm lens. You could photograph Red Squirrels during the day and then photograph the badgers early evening.


Clothing needs to be in layers as it can get cold in the hides over the winter months. I would recommend good walking boots or wellies. It could be muddy and wet. Waterproof clothing to get to the hide would also be useful as its uncomfortable to sit all day in wet clothing if its raining during the walk to the hides or the badger locations. Note: You will not be photographing the badgers from a hide. You will be in the open so need to dress accordingly..


In terms of fitness level required - this is probably a level 4/5 at Kirkudbright as there is a 15-20 minute walk to the hide, crossing fences, and water. At Lockerbie you will be driven to the Badger sett and photograph from within 10 metres from the vehicle. You will need to be able to walk up a slight incline though...


Early start are good for these days so for those travelling from a distance there is good local B & B accommodation nearby. Food in the hide is NOT provided so bring your own sandwiches and drinks etc.


Cost £ varies so please email for further information..



Copyright © 2018, Greg Coyne  //  All rights reserved.

Copyright © 2018, Greg Coyne  //  All rights reserved.