Deer Photography One2One

RED and FALLOW Deer at Bradgate Park, in Leicestershire - Cost of the One2One session is £75

( Beginners Photography Day)


This area offers superb photographic opportunity with these Deer, and in October when its rutting season you can get some incredible photographs. Red Deer on a hill, sun rising, mist swirling... yes I am still after that image as well lol. Its an incredible place but you need to be fairly fit and healthy if you really want to do the longer walks - so maybe not a good idea to carry too heavy gear although I will be there to assist you if required with your gear.


We usually park up at first light, or just before. There is a car park charge here which the last time I visited was about £3. Once you walk through the gate the fun starts. There are a lot of deer here and photographic opportunities are endless, with some incredible backgrounds.


In terms of equipment required I would recommend a 500mm long lens or 300mm with converter. The deer can also come really close so if you can manage a 70-200mm bring that along as well.


Clothing needs to be in layers as it can be cold first thing in the morning but once it warms up you can start taking off the layers. You will also need a good pair of walking shoes/boots. Gloves and hat are also recommended. There is a cafe in the park so we can always stop for a breakfast later on in the morning. There are also at least 2 sets of toilets on site. As we are out in the open walking about bring something waterproof with you to wear.


Bring memory cards and batteries and also a tripod if you have it. If not I can lend you one for the day.



Copyright © 2018, Greg Coyne  //  All rights reserved.

Copyright © 2018, Greg Coyne  //  All rights reserved.