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Welcome to Foto-Buddies


What exactly is “Foto-Buddies”? Let me explain my thinking…


I have found over the years that many people go off photographing with their gear on their own. Once they get to their selected venue they wander about and bump into other photographers, many who they know from local groups or social media, and who they had no idea were going to the same venue. So my idea is that if you are going out and about with your camera during the week or at the weekend why not put the details on this Foto-Buddies Forum, i.e. the place you are going to, the time you are arriving etc, what you may be looking to photograph and then others can express their interest and meet up with you there. Its often much more enjoyable having some company on your travels, maybe even cheaper to as you can share costs etc.


I have thought for a long time that women photographers are always “wary” about going out with the camera, sometimes to remote places, where security could be an issue. So what better than to arrange a meet-up with other like minded ladies to all go off to a venue together. It just makes sense doesn’t it?


These trips out with others are a great way to pick up advice, talk camera gear, discuss other places you may have visited or plan to visit. Feel free to share other items of interest on the Foto-Buddies Forum as well. Maybe you can offer some tips or advice on places, or new gear.


Lets make this a fun Foto-Buddies community.

Copyright © 2018, Greg Coyne  //  All rights reserved.

Copyright © 2018, Greg Coyne  //  All rights reserved.