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Schanell - Scottish Photography Experience February 2017


"Hi Greg I can't explain to you how much I've enjoyed the whole experience. From meeting everyone to photographing kingfishers, red squirrels and the sparrow hawk's for first time ever seeing them in real life has been unbelievable. Thank you”


Neil - Scottish Photography Experience February 2017


'The best 4 days in my wildlife photography experiences by a mile. Although a day was fruitless it was purely down to Storm Doris. The next day however made up for it. Sparrowhawks, squirrels, a Jay, woodpeckers, numerous small garden birds, pheasant and a red kite were the order of the day. I still haven't gone through all my photos. The next day saw the Kingfisher make an appearance and with several visits I got the photograph of a lifetime.

The trip was well organised, very friendly and extremely helpful with all questions answered either by more experienced photographers than me or by Greg himself. His friend Alan runs the hides and is so enthusiastic about wildlife conservation and photography that it rubs off on anyone he comes into contact with.

Price wise the course offered excellent value for money and the accommodation was good. The meals at the hotel were a bargain and the portions huge. The locals certainly know how to look after you.

Greg was fantastic on the four days and nothing was too much trouble. It was a joy to be in his company learning from such an experienced photographer and the evening meal was full of discussions about cameras, equipment and all things wildlife.

I can't recommend this course enough and am already looking at planning another trip organised by Greg. All I can really say is a big Thank-You!'  CLICK HERE FOR NEIL'S PHOTOS.


Terry - Scottish Photography Experience February 2017


"I had a great few days and hopefully will do the same again in the near future.”


Thinesh - Scottish Photography Experience February 2017


"I would like to say this is my first photography tour and I was possibly the least experienced photographer on the trip, I have to admit to having some initial worry about what I had let myself in for, but I needn’t have worried. Greg is a fantastic host and immediately made me feel at home.

Greg took turns to accompany the photographers in four hides and we felt that, whatever our ability, he was always there to encourage, advise and generally get the best out of us There is no doubt that, I was taking far better photographs by the end of the tour.

I have already booked another two more holidays with Greg. Greg is not just a fine photographer, he is also a fine man – someone I really enjoyed spending time with.

Thank you


Lou - Scottish Photography Experience February 2017


"I went away on a 4 day trip organised by Greg Coyne had a great time and came away with what i think are great shots. The weather was against us but we all made the best of it. Roll on the next one.”


Tracey - Scottish Photography Experience February 2017


"My first trip with a group, so nothing to compare to. All I can say is I thought is was great, well organised and I learned lots too. Thank you Greg and Alan McFadyen for all your hard work. Roll on next time. xx “


Frank - Scottish Photography Experience February 2017


"Meeting up with old friends and getting to new ones. Reason I like trips like this is that you have to adapt to the unexpected conditions. Your position in the hide, daylight switching on and off and everything in between, hoping the Kingfisher is willing to perform at the last light of the day. All in all, I had a great trip! And Greg... well done mate! You handled it far better than most ‘ Pro’s’. “


Hugh - Scottish Photography Experience February 2017


“ Had a few visits from the KF so did well with portraits, I enjoyed the weekend so thanks very much, maybe again sometime, will keep a eye on your site”




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