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Dave - Scottish Photography Workshop Feb 2018


My wife and her parents put together to buy me this 4 day bird photography tour in Scotland for a Christmas present. From the very start Greg was in touch via emails checking such things as how much experience I had photographing birds and which make of camera I used. Greg also reserves the accommodation, organises the packed lunches for each day and also books a place in the local pub for an evening catch up and meal.

It’s only when you are on the course do you really appreciate the work that Greg puts in behind the scenes. We split into 2 groups each day, photographing at either the kingfisher hide or the sparrowhawk hide. He is constantly in touch with the people at both locations and freely shares information about what is happening each day across the groups.  Whilst the birds are wild and free living, they do tend to develop habits so having as much information about what is happening is invaluable.

You are expected to know your camera and how to adjust some settings as you can’t be up to speed on every camera make. Greg shares information you need about exposure compensation, manual focusing, shutter speeds etc to enable you to have the best chance of getting good pictures. He can and does advise on technique and settings etc, but at the end of the day you are taking the pictures so you need to have a good grounding in how your setup works. The information Greg provides is invaluable. On this trip all of the Canon users were together, and the Nikon users were grouped together too. This worked well as we all had different levels of ability and people were extremely happy to help each other out and share some equipment such as camera supports etc.

The evening meals are also an opportunity to chat with the people shooting at the hide you will be at the following day, again a good opportunity to share hints and tips and things that went wrong. The food is very nice and very reasonably priced.

The accommodation Greg books is exactly what you need. A place to crash out, download your pictures, blank your memory cards and charge your batteries for the next day. The breakfasts are excellent and the packed lunches provided are spot on. Helen was very friendly and really looked after us well and nothing was too much trouble.

You could book these hides directly yourself, but personally I wouldn’t bother. I plan to go again next year and will look to use Greg again to go with. If you were to go yourself you wouldn’t have any information about what the birds are doing each day, times they typically come in etc or technical information about settings. You wouldn’t have the help and support from others in your group and you’d miss out on the group get-togethers each evening as you share your experiences and tips with each other. Plus you’d create more work for yourself in organising it all. It really is a no brainer for anyone wanting more than a day trip to the hides.

I would highly recommend booking this photography tour with Greg. I managed some stunning pictures thanks to Greg and others that were a part of this group that I didn’t even dare to hope for before I went. I am still pinching myself now. As with all things nature there are no guarantees but the help and support you get massively puts the odds in your favour of getting stunning pictures. Very, very highly recommended to anyone whatever your level of experience.


Dave Taylor


Sam - Scottish Wildlife Workshop 2018


Well what can I say except 'Epic'. Best wildlife photography trip I have been on - lived up to everything expected and as always Greg was professional and supportive yet not intrusive. Superb highly recommended and I've already booked to go back with him! Sam Augur-Forbes


Stan Ashbourne from Scottish Wildlife Workshop February 2018


I went on the Scottish photography experience Feb 2018,what a great trip it was.

Greg ensured everyone had a good trip and nothing was to much trouble.

The accommodation and food were good with big helpings for everyone.

It was a pleasure to meet Alan who runs the hides,he cares deeply about wildlife.

My fellow guest on the trip were all friendly and helpful and i made some new friends.

The photography was fantastic and i managed to take thousands of photos,filling my memory cards.

Although it was cold in the hides,it was well worth the cold to get photos of sparrowhawk ,male and female and a kestrel.

Also got plenty of photos of kingfisher,jays,nuthatch,woodpecker,squirrels and lots of other woodland birds

All in all a memorable trip and i will be booking trips with Greg in the future.

Stan Ashbourne.


Stan Ashbourne from Midlands Wildlife Experience 2017


I went on the Midlands 3 day photography trip.

It was my first trip and what a fantastic experience it was. Being in my 60s and fairly new to wildlife photography i didn’t know to expect,but i needn’t have worried. There was 10 on the trip and everyone was friendly and helpful , especially Bob and Sam who were shooting with a Nikon the same as me.

Greg was also very helpful and nothing was to much trouble.  The 1st day was very hot and the kestrels and little owl turned up so i was able to get some great photos. The 2nd day was brilliant i was filling my memory cards up with photos of Kestrels, Little Owl, Reed Buntings, Reed Warbler and other small birds. The 3rd and last day exceeded all my expectations with lots of photos of Kingfisher, Kestrels, Little Owl and numerous small birds. I came away with over 2000 images. Just to observe these beautiful birds close up was fantastic, so all in all a great trip and highly recommended.


Sam Augur-Forbes from Midlands Wildlife Experience.


I booked onto the May 2017; 3 Day Photography Midlands Trip through Greg having never meet him before. This was the first trip I had ever booked on; and I was a little unsure of how it was going to be structured to get the most out of the trip. I can honestly say it was an absolutely awesome (I don't use that word often!) and it was all down to Greg's professionalism and knowledge. Initially we had notification all of our accommodation had been secured, and then with less than 4 weeks to go until the trip; the accommodation was cancelled by the venue, and rather than Greg just apologizing and saying we would have to make our own alternative arrangements, he secured alternative accommodation as an option for us which in my eyes showed his level of professionalism to his customers; resolving an issue that was beyond his control.

During the trip itself; Greg facilitated everybody's desire to shoot at the various hides of the trip, and despite there being a few issues with the seating in the hides, he resolved this himself as the staff on the site were unable to. He provided guidance to those who needed it in a  friendly and non-overbearing way. He encouraged those that didn't need guidance and I genuinely believe, he wanted everyone on the trip to succeed at capturing some spectacular images. The location itself was great for wildlife and all the hides but one performed for me (its wildlife never a guarantee).

I couldn't be happier with how it went and will 100% be booking with Greg again and can highly recommend him for new photographers or those that are experienced.

Kind regards

Sam Auger-Forbes

SAAF Photography"


Ray Kilham - Midland Photographic Experience


I have known Greg for a few years now and also the venue he was organising the trip to, so when I heard about it , I jumped at the chance, knowing full well that as Greg was at the helm, the three days so have no problems, how right I was, after all the other members of the group met up at the usual “Mac D”s” car park, it was off for three days of photographic heaven, good organisation, and good group members to boot.


Greg made the whole three days flow with ease, and small issues were ironed out without question, if you have never been with Greg, book one of his trips, you will find first class, run by one of the easiest going guy I know and a very good photographer.


Schanell - Scottish Photography Experience February 2017


"Hi Greg I can't explain to you how much I've enjoyed the whole experience. From meeting everyone to photographing kingfishers, red squirrels and the sparrow hawk's for first time ever seeing them in real life has been unbelievable. Thank you”


Neil - Scottish Photography Experience February 2017


'The best 4 days in my wildlife photography experiences by a mile. Although a day was fruitless it was purely down to Storm Doris. The next day however made up for it. Sparrowhawks, squirrels, a Jay, woodpeckers, numerous small garden birds, pheasant and a red kite were the order of the day. I still haven't gone through all my photos. The next day saw the Kingfisher make an appearance and with several visits I got the photograph of a lifetime.

The trip was well organised, very friendly and extremely helpful with all questions answered either by more experienced photographers than me or by Greg himself. His friend Alan runs the hides and is so enthusiastic about wildlife conservation and photography that it rubs off on anyone he comes into contact with.

Price wise the course offered excellent value for money and the accommodation was good. The meals at the hotel were a bargain and the portions huge. The locals certainly know how to look after you.

Greg was fantastic on the four days and nothing was too much trouble. It was a joy to be in his company learning from such an experienced photographer and the evening meal was full of discussions about cameras, equipment and all things wildlife.

I can't recommend this course enough and am already looking at planning another trip organised by Greg. All I can really say is a big Thank-You!'  CLICK HERE FOR NEIL'S PHOTOS.


Terry - Scottish Photography Experience February 2017


"I had a great few days and hopefully will do the same again in the near future.”


Thinesh - Scottish Photography Experience February 2017


"I would like to say this is my first photography tour and I was possibly the least experienced photographer on the trip, I have to admit to having some initial worry about what I had let myself in for, but I needn’t have worried. Greg is a fantastic host and immediately made me feel at home.

Greg took turns to accompany the photographers in four hides and we felt that, whatever our ability, he was always there to encourage, advise and generally get the best out of us There is no doubt that, I was taking far better photographs by the end of the tour.

I have already booked another two more holidays with Greg. Greg is not just a fine photographer, he is also a fine man – someone I really enjoyed spending time with.

Thank you


Lou - Scottish Photography Experience February 2017


"I went away on a 4 day trip organised by Greg Coyne had a great time and came away with what i think are great shots. The weather was against us but we all made the best of it. Roll on the next one.”


Tracey - Scottish Photography Experience February 2017


"My first trip with a group, so nothing to compare to. All I can say is I thought is was great, well organised and I learned lots too. Thank you Greg and Alan McFadyen for all your hard work. Roll on next time. xx “


Frank - Scottish Photography Experience February 2017


"Meeting up with old friends and getting to new ones. Reason I like trips like this is that you have to adapt to the unexpected conditions. Your position in the hide, daylight switching on and off and everything in between, hoping the Kingfisher is willing to perform at the last light of the day. All in all, I had a great trip! And Greg... well done mate! You handled it far better than most ‘ Pro’s’. “


Hugh - Scottish Photography Experience February 2017


“ Had a few visits from the KF so did well with portraits, I enjoyed the weekend so thanks very much, maybe again sometime, will keep a eye on your site”

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Copyright © 2018, Greg Coyne  //  All rights reserved.