Water Rail

Water Rail


General Information: The Water Rail hide is dug into the ground with a reflection pool at a level to provide stunning shots like this one below. You will be seated in the hide and a tripod is required. Its anticipated to spend a couple of hours with the Water Rail in the morning. This time spent will be dependent upon how many clients we have on the tour. We will have to manage time spent here on a rota system...

Equipment Required: I am informed the best lens is a 300mm lens, possibly a little longer if you have one. Maybe a Teleconverter with a 300mm just in case you do need that extra bit of reach.


Clothing: ᅠI would recommend warm clothing and layers. It can be chilly first thing in the morning and also as the sun goes down later in those colder months. There is a short walk of 5-10 minutes to the hide. This can be very muddy and wet in summer and in winter as one of the Kingfisher sites is tidal - something you need to be very aware of - so please wear appropriate wellington boots.. If you wear bright Hawaii style clothing you will put off and disturb the wildlife so please wear suitable clothing ie darker shirts, jumpers etc.


Fitness: Level 2/5

Other Information:ᅠ There is no food at this site, and no public toilets etc so make sure you bring enough food and drink. There is also no electricity in the hides. There are shops where we usually meet up so you do have the opportunity to arrive at the meeting point early enough to grab some food before we leave for the hides..

We usually meet at a point you will be notified of, in Kirkudbright, at 7.30am. Don't be late as we want to be in the hides and settled by 8.00am. As a rule we tend to leave the hides when light fades early evening. Usual hide etiquette regarding noise etc is paramount in order to give us a maximum chance of the wildlife coming to the hide. Constant noise will have an effect, as will getting in and out of the hide. Common sense prevails.



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