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West Midlands Photography Wildlife Experience 2017 - SOLD OUT


SOLD OUT!  But you can still add your name to a reserve list in case  of any cancellations.

This is a unique opportunity to photograph Kestrel, Kingfisher, Heron, Woodland Birds and Tower Hide, Reflection Pool, Little Owls, Reed Bed Hide, and Red Fox and Cubs all naturally in their environment as we “TAKE OVER”  the whole site/hide complex and sole use for THREE full days. This means we can be very flexible with our photography and if a hide is not working well we can just swap over to a different hide. The trip is due to run at the end of May 2017 ( Friday 26th, 27th, and finishing on the Sunday 28th). It is being run as a 3 day wildlife experience.


This tour will be SUPERB for those wanting to improve their portfolio’s and an AMAZING opportunity for those just starting out as beginners in Wildlife Photography to get to know their camera’s, their lenses and their settings in a superb environment. I shall be at hand to offer guidance and tuition to anyone that requires it over these three days.


The cost of this trip is as follows:

Just £300 for the 3 day Experience  OR £380 including two nights accommodation (for the Friday/Saturday nights) at a local hotel.  I have negotiated a deal on the accommodation here BUT they do have a limited number of rooms. So if you do require the trip and the accommodation please let me know asap. Once those rooms have gone you will need to find your own accommodation, but I can recommend other places for you to try.


I have spent many years visiting and photographing at this particular site, I have achieved award winning photographs from here so I have extensive knowledge of how to get the best images from your cameras and utilise the surroundings to your advantage.

This is a brilliant time for activity for both the Kestrel and the Kingfisher and with the new Fox Hide we stand a great chance of seeing young Fox Cubs. You will also have the opportunity during the 3 days, if you wish, to make use of the other hides on the site and especially the Reflection Pool ( For small birds and occasionally Woodpeckers) and the Little Owls.

Of course as wildlife photographers we have to remember that wildlife has a mind of its own and we never know on the day what will turn up and what won’t.


What to Bring:

The vast majority of your time will be spent in the hide; in terms of clothing you will need some warm clothes because it can be cold at this time of year in the mornings and late afternoons.  It is also a 5 minute walk to most hides so please bring waterproof clothing too because you don’t want to get wet before the day even starts.  You will need a good pair of wellington boots, these are essential for the kingfisher hide, Heron Hide and the Fox hides.  To be able to change the perches for the Kingfishers throughout the day you have to walk into the shallow stream so walking boots are not ideal.  You will need to bring your own food and drinks as there is no cafeteria on the site so a thermal flask with hot tea or coffee is recommended.  Please note there are no toilet facilities on the site either because of the remote location.


Equipment Required:

In terms of camera kit for the 3 days you’ll need a bean bag or plate/head for some hides and tripods for others, an all round 70-200mm if possible and the longest lens you have (300mm or 500mm + convertors would be our recommendation/choice) plenty of memory cards and batteries.


To a certain extent we can decide what to carry to the hides before we set off from the car park. Its a safe area so we are able to leave gear in the cars while we are photographing.  There is no electricity in any the hides so please make sure that you have spare batteries that are fully charged because on a good day you can take lots of great images.


Most of the hides are 3=4 person wooden hides, ample room.


Accommodation:  There are some great B & B places so stay in and around the area, and prices can vary quite a lot.  I am currently negotiating with a hotel who have a limited number of  rooms but the general prices in the area are in the region of between £35-£70 per room depending upon your taste :)  If you are seeking accommodation please message me first so I can advise you accordingly.


All the information here and detail information provided nearer the date should ensure that you have a great time visiting these hides. I will also be on hand to ensure that any help you require to set up and get the most from your visit will be given.



I appreciate that some booking on the trip will be very competent photographers but DO NOT be put off if you are a novice or new to this type of photography. I am there to help and offer advice and ensure you enjoy the experience of spending time in the company of these beautiful birds and mammals…


Here is some information on the Main Hides that we will have exclusive use of :


Fox Hides…Fox cubs hold a great fascination and desirability to photographers.  Foxes can be extremely difficult to approach and so to achieve a certain standard of image takes years of dedication and patience. We have set up pop up hides at a few selected Fox earths to get the best chance of seeing the cubs emerge . The Adult Foxes are often around the site too and often do come about 10 metres from the hide. So bringing a mixture of lenses would be the best solution. A minimum of a 300mm/500mm lens will get you great shots on the evening as well as a tripod.


Kingfisher Hide…The Kingfisher hide is where we have a purposely-built wooden hide with birds coming to perch only 5 metres away. Along with the resident pair, you could be lucky enough to see three to four different birds ranging from adults to young birds that visit throughout the day. All of our sites are set-up by us and much thought has gone into the background and direction of light. A collection of different perches will be available for you to use. In terms of camera kit you’ll need a bean bag, the longest lens you have (500mm or 300mm with convertor would be our recommendation.


Kestrel Hide… We have both male and female coming to a post 8 metres from the hide. You will be supplied with food for the birds and different perches will give you a variety of photographs. The hide is a purpose built wooden three man hide with good views over the fields where the birds fly.  By May there may also be another supplementary hide as well offering SIX places. A 300mm - 500mm lens and a bean bag are required.



You can book online and pay your £50 deposit.


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