Wolf Photography One2One

Wolf Photography One2One

The Wolf Photography is carried out at a local Wolf Experience Centre near Bromham in Bedfordshire and will be for an hour or so. The wolves are naturally behind fencing BUT the fencing has been modified in places to allow camera access. As photographers we will also have access to certain areas that may not be available to the general public.

As this is not a shoot that lasts even a half day we will also be going out to photograph wild water birds on a local Marina so it will be a varied tuition day in varying conditions and varying light.


I would recommend a zoom lens maybe 200-400 or 200-500mm or a 300mm lens. The best lenses for the Wolves are something around 300mm. For the general wildlife shoot at the Marina I would recommend a long lens either 500mm or 300mm plus TC 1.4


Clothing needs to be in layers as it can get cold over the winter months. I would recommend good walking boots or wellies. It could be muddy and wet. Waterproof clothing would advantageous. You will be out in the open !!


In terms of fitness level required - this is probably a level 2/5 at worst.


Cost: Please email me for costs as we tailor make a day to suit you...



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